Window Treatments: Grommet Style Curtains

Window Treatments: Grommet Style Curtains
Window Treatments: Grommet Style Curtains

Grommet curtains can be recognized by the holes at the top of them. Instead of using old fashion curtain hooks, grommet style curtains come ready with holes so that you can easily rod and hang them. They are an affordable alternative and are available in many styles, colors and textures.

Grommet curtains are gaining in popularity because of their unique design. Instead of simply hanging from a curtain rod like normal styles, grommet-style curtains have holes at the top to put the curtain through each one. This gives it a wavy look that you would not be able to get otherwise, and it is extremely stylish.

Grommet curtains were once very expensive because of how unique they were, but today they are much more affordable. While still not as cheap as your average curtains, they are now available well within just about anyone’s budget. These curtains are one of the most contemporary styles you can find, and they come in a wide variety of exciting and colorful designs that can go with almost any decor.

When choosing between designs and colors, look around the room or rooms you are planning to put the curtains up in and see what colors need to be brought out or are predominant in the room. Find a design or color that will bring out lesser-used accents in a room to really make them pop, or go with colors that are already well-established to have the curtains simply blend in.

Besides being attractive, grommet curtains also help insulate the room they are placed in because there is no space between the curtain rod and the curtains. The window that the grommet is over will be completely covered up, leaving little to no room for cold or hot air to get into your home when you don’t want it do.

When shopping for curtains that are grommet-styled, also be sure that you have a curtain rod at home that can fit the holes in the curtain easily. Ideally you will measure the rod you intend to use, then shop for the curtains. However, sometimes that is not possible. If you purchase the curtains and they do not fit any rod in your home, you are going to have to purchase a new rod. In many cases this is the better option anyway, because you can purchase one that matches the curtains and will fit into the holes well enough that the grommet weaved-look stays in place.

All in all, a grommet-style curtain is a new and fresh way to brighten up any home. Because of their unique look they can fit into any contemporary home decor, and because of the wide variety of designs they are offered in they can also fit into more conservatively decorated homes or rooms as well. While they are relatively new for home use, they are very stylish. Grommet curtains are a sound addition to your home, no matter what room you want to put them in, or in front of a sliding glass door or windows.

While many people do not have these types of curtains in their homes yet, they have seem them at one point or another. If you are considering getting gromment curtains in your home, visit our site and learn more about the styles available.
Window Treatments: Grommet Style Curtains

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